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Where Has All The Space Gone

WHATSgone does a rapid scan of the slected disc or folder and then gives you a top down view of the disc space used by each folder. Colour coding makes it easy to see which folders are using all the disc space, double click a folder and you go down a level. Use the whatif column to find out how much disc space you will gain by converting from FAT16 (windows 95) to FAT32 (windows 98). WHATSGone shows you how much disc space is used by all the files and the whatif column tels you how much you would use under FAT32. See how well NT compressed files work, WHATSGone shows you the size of data in the compressed files and how much space it is actually is taking. New in version 3.8.0 is the ability to output the scan to a CSV (Comma Seperated Values) formated file, so you can load the scan into a spreadsheet.

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