BAC Computer Software

Are you a shareware author looking for a simple way to allow your users to register using a credit card on a secure link AND for you to be paid via a sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank. Then here is the answer.

You direct your users to our software registration page and they register your software using our software registration pages. When we are informed that one of you users has completed the registration process (completion of registration process generates an e-mail to use) we will e-mail you of the details the user has given as part of the registration. You can then forward an authorisation id  or whatever.

The charge for this service is 25% of registration fee or 2.50 per registration whichever is the larger. Cheques will be sent out on the 10th day of the month following the month following the month of registration. So for a registration that occurs on the 1st of the month this means you will not receive the registration fee, less our commission, for two and a half months.

We will revue all software that you wish to have using this registration service and we will require alterations if we feel it does not reach an adequate standard. We will list the software on this site with links to your site.

We have our own software for checking if a program has been registered when the user runs the program and registering the program once they have obtained an authorisation id. You may use this freely, we will supply you with instructions on how to use it.

If you are interested in using this service or have some questions contact us via e-mail at: