The 'What If' Column

This column shows the amount of space the folders and file types would take if the disc cluster size was different. So you can say "WHAT IF I was using FAT32 instead of FAT 16 how much disc space would I get back" and this is what the column tells you.

The Default 'What If' setting is 4KB, which is the cluster size on a FAT32 disc (as used by windows 98 and an option in late versions of windows 95). If you are on a 2.1gb disc drive and use FAT16 then the difference between the space used column and this column is the saving you will make. Note this does not take into account the increase in size that windows 98 takes over windows95.  Looking at the example screen, over 330mb would be released for the user to use if they upgraded and this is a lot more than the extra space windows 98 would take over windows 95.

If you see no saving and the 'What If' setting is 4KB then maybe you are already using FAT32. If you are already on FAT32 what use is this column, well you could always set the 'What If' setting to 32KB and see how much disc space you would be using if you were still on FAT16.

To change the 'What If' setting use the 'Options' Menu and select 'What If'.