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Fraction Calculator and Cheat

A calculator that performs the basic arithmetic operations on fractions AND then at the press of a button gives you a detailed explanation of how the computation was done.
An ideal tool for learning about fractions and how to do the basic arithmetic operations on them.
Also includes a factoriser, this tells you all the factors of any number up to 13 digits long.

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Learn more about fractions by clicking on one of the links below. If the links below do not tell you what you want to know about fractions then why not ask the Fractions Expert. If you need any help with Fraction Calculator & Cheat then ask the Fractions Expert. The Fractions expert has an honours degree in mathematics and is happy to help you understand fractions.

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What is a Fraction
Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
Multiplication and Division of Fractions
Complex Calculations with Fractions
Algebra Cheat 1
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